Sex and the City Tours in NYC


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New York according to Sex and the City takes you around the prime parts of the city’s most desirable locations. Discover some of the most amazing neighborhoods, restaurants, bars and nightclubs – all the places Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda visits. Signing up for the Sex and the City tour of New York enables seeing 15 to 30 of the sites our friends from the TV-show frequently visit. Prices start at £26 with entrances included. Buy tickets for the tour online and enjoy 15 % online discount.

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2. New York Shopping Guide – From Outlets to Department Stores and High Fashion

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New York has tremendous shopping opportunities with a wide range of shops for all tastes and generally lower prices in comparison to UK.

Beginning with outlets, there are stores with all kinds of brands and accessories you can imagine. Electronics such as cameras and lenses tend to be 20-30 % cheaper than in UK high street. Continue below to find out some of the most appealing deals and shops you cannot afford to miss out on right now.

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3. New York Broadway Shows and Musical Tickets

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New York’s Broadway have plenty of shows, musicals and theatres running every night.
Over 40 different theatres are located in Broadway theatre districs, considered to be the main district of commercial shows in the English speaking world.

Some of the most popular musicals at Broadway are The Lion King and The Little Mermaid. Prices start from around £25 and it’s recommended to book online at least one week in advance for guaranteed seatings to popular Broadway shows.

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4. Helicopter Tours Around Manhattan – Discover New York from the Skies. From £84 pp

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New York City is best seen from above and there are mainly two ways to explore it – by hot air balloon or helicopter. Since hot air balloons are heavily restricted and cannot fly over Manhattan, we usually recommend helicopter tours to enjoy the skylines of NYC. You’ll be surprised of the views and affordable prices for helicopter tours over Manhattan.

Prices for 2 persons start from only £168, lasting around 12 minutes, while allowing you to see the city in a spectacular way you’ll never forget. Longer routes are also available.

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Overview of Central Park, New York

5. Stroll Around in Central Park – The Perfect Free Celebrity Spot During Weekends

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Central Park is the most famous and largest public park in NYC. The park has been live over 150 years, starting around Broadway and 59th Street in the south and reaching up to Harlem Meer in the north. Sundays are especially popular to stroll around in Central Park, spotting celebrities, taking a drink and sunday dinner or going with a horse carriage. Popular places to spot celebrities are the Literary Walk and playgrounds where they’re spending time with their childen. Other good options include late dinners, around Madison Avenue and Broadway theatre district.

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Koi Restaurant in Manhattan

6. Unique Restaurants in NY – Chic, Gourmet, Small Bites or Typical American Cuisine

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New York City got a wide range of restaurants for all kinds of tastes and wallets. In search for the latest dining experience in Manhattan, our team of foodies has tried it all. Our recommendations cover everything from small and chick restaurants to the most expensive high end tables. Find American cuisine, Japanese, Mexican or Italian restaurants with culinary taste. Enjoy romantic settings, a friends night out or family oriented restaurants in New York for any budget.

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Wall Street New York Stock Exchange

7. A Visitors Guide to Wall Street, Lower Manhattan

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Wall Street is the centre of New York’s financial district, located in Lower Manhattan. Wall St also host the world’s largest stock exchange, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), along with NASDAQ, New York Mercantile Exchange and Federal Reserve. Visitors are no longer allowed guided tours for NYSE, but it’s still possible to visit New York Federal Reserve bank and hear the opening bell ring at Nasdaq. Discover more and get addresses and details about all the current Wall Street tour options and free sightseeing opportunities.

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Back Camera

8. Rooftop Nightclubs, Bars and Lounges in NY

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Are you ready to party on New York rooftops? We’re guiding you to some of the most interesting nightclubs and lounges in the city. Our party lovers review all the latest and most trendy clubs and discos to visit in central New York such as the stunning views from 230 Fifth or The Empire Hotel Rooftop. Continue to find out which places that might suit your own style and taste.

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Late Show with David Letterman

9. See Live Talk Shows in New York – David Letterman, Good Morning America etc.

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There are plenty of live TV shows to enjoy in New York. Many of them are free to attend if you are out well in advance and know where to go. Some of the most popular are ‘The Late Show’ with David Letterman’s and ‘The Colbert Report’. If you rather go to an early morning broadcast, there is Good Morning America, located at Times Square. See our full list of all current TV shows from NY.

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New York movie tour

10. NY Movie Tours – Experience What You’ve Seen in The Films

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Many of the world’s most famous movies have been casted in New York. Doing a movie tour allows you to see some of the most interesting restaurants, neighbourhoods, bars and places featured in movies such as The Devil Wears Prada, The Taxi Driver and even Spiderman. Which place from a movie do you want to see in real life?

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Young man ready to travel to NYBefore leaving, make sure that your passport and flight tickets are packed down, because without those essential travel documents, you’re not going far. Check that you’re travel insurance is valid, since uncovered losses might cause severe disruptions to your NY visit. Try to exchange some money to US Dollars a few days before leaving Britain, but still bring your debit or credit card. Book your hotel in New York at least a few weeks in advance to get the best deal, while theatre tickets and table reservations for top en restaurants also can be good to plan a few weeks in advance. Finally, confirm that a handy travel adapter packed down and a camera to save all those lovely memories you’re getting from NYC.

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  • Exploring a new city

    New York can be advantageously explored through different neighborhoods, such as the Upper East Side, Midtown, Little Italy, East Village, Soho, Financial district or Chinatown. Decide your travel budget before arriving or risk spending considerable more than you initially estimated. While Meat Packing District and Upper East Side are generally a bit more expensive, Brooklyn is often better value. However, it strongly depends on what you decide to do. Some of the top things to do on our list include seeing a live sports event, spend an evening at a rooftop nightclub and shopping at one of the leading department stores.

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  • Exploring a new city
    If booking in advance, there are many great deals to be found online. Here are we’ve tried to put together some of the best current offers for restaurants, sights, museums, bars, nightclubs and much more.

    What are you looking for?

    Some amazing deals for people traveling to NY

    - Take a helicopter ride and experience Manhattan from above.
    - Excellent online booking discount on guided bus tours from the Gray Line.
    British Airways currently offers flexible tickets from London to New York (JFK).

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      New York City Football Club (FC)

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      Local Fashion Tips: The Market NYC

      If you have tried all the major designer shops, outlets and department stores we have another recommendation from a young fashion designer. Next time you visit NYC, go to trendy Greenwich Village at 159 Bleecker Street. Here you find one …

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      NYC Growing Quicker Than in Decades

      New York City (NYC) continue showing strong growth, at least for this decade. The population increased by over 61 000 thanks to an influx of foreigners and inhabitants from other states, according to United States Census Bureau. If housing optoions …

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      Brooklyn Nets Sign Short Term Contract With Jason Collins

      One of New York’s leading basketball teams sign Jason Collin, the first openly gay NBA athlete. The contract is only for 10 days with a possibillity to extend in the future. Mr Collin will wear #98 when playing for Brooklyn …

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      Triumph Hotels, Six Hotels Under one Brand

      Six family owned hotels in New York city have come together to form a new brand, Triumph Hotels. No, the new hotel chain got nothing to do with Donald Trump and as you can see the spelling is quite different. …