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NY Yankees VIP Baseball Tour: Stadium Tour and Lunch with a Yankees Legend

  • VIP booking: Watch a Baseball Game with Yankees Legends in a Luxury Suite
  • Stadium Tour and Lunch with a Yankees Legend

    If you’re into the ruff and exotic sport of ice-hockey, it’s possible to see New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils playing.

    New York have countless of sport events, whatever you like to watch. While many Brits enjoy watching basketball, others prefer cricket, NFL or ice-hockey. NYC is home to two of the leading baseball teams; New York Mets and Yankees. For those into American football, there are both New York Giants and Jets, both situated in New Jersey.

    Which sport do you want to see while in New York? Here are some of our suggestions:
    • American Football (NFL): Americans love football, NFL that is.
    • Baseball (MLB): Stadium Tour and Lunch with a Yankees Legend
    • Basketball (NBA): Watching a game of basketball can be fantastic.
    • Cricket: Not a very popular sport in America, but there are still good cricket teams.
    • Golf (PGA): See the best gold stars in the world, playing at amazing golf courses.
    • Ice Hockey (NFL):
    • Motor Sport:
    • Soccer (football): What we call football in UK, they refer to as soccer. It’s a fast growing sport with many good players.
    • Tennis:
    • Volleyball:
    • Wrestling:

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