All Flights to New York from UK

There are a large number of airports in UK offering cheap flights to New York. Below is a complete list of British airports with direct flights to New York followed by a number of alternative airports with stop-over. Alternatively you might get a better deal if you consider stop-over flights as well.
Departures New York

Direct flights to New York

The following airports provide direct flights to New York; London Heathrow Airport, Manchester Airport, Belfast International, Birmingham Airport, Edinburgh and Glasgow. Over 35 airplanes go from London to New York every day and over 20 from other British airports, so you have plenty of choice. Still we do recommend to book early to get better prices. Also make sure to look at the latest flight deals to NYC and read 10 of our best tips to get cheaper flights to New York.
London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow to JFK, EWR & LGA

Advantages: This route offers most departures, excellent communications and some of the lowest prices.
Airlines: Kuwait Airways, British Airways, Delta, Kuwait Airlines, Iberia, KLM, Air Canada, Air France and Virgin Atlantic.
Average flight time: 7.5 hours
Prices: £350 – £800.
Distance to City of London: 17.4 miles (28 km) or about 35 min.
Comments: Over 20 daily flights goes from Heathrow airport to JFK, EWR and LGA in New York.

virgin logotype

London Heathrow Airport to JFK

Airline: Virgin
Airplanes: Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 787-9 (New)
Prices: £380 – £900.
Average flight time: 7h 20 min
Comments: Comfortable, timely and affordable flights from London to New York.

british airways logotype

London Heathrow to Newark

Airline: British Airways
Airplanes: Boeing 787 (new) and Boeing 777-300.
Prices: £510 – £1200.
Average flight time: 7h 20 min
Comments: Great service that goes the extra mile. BA have both new airplanes and great food. Excellent transport facilities to both airports.

virgin logotype

London Gatwick to JFK

Airline: Virgin
Airplanes: Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 787-9 (New).
Prices: £380 – £900.
Average flight time: 7h 20 min
Comments: Comfortable, timely and affordable flights to NYC. Add £500-1200 and upgrade to business class.

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London Heathrow to Newark

Airline: Virgin
Airplanes: Boeing 747-400 and Boeing 787-9 (New).
Average flight time: 7h 20 min
Prices: £380 – £900.
Comments: Comfortable, timely and flexible flights from London to New York.

logotype lufthansa

London Heathrow Airport (LHR) to Newark (EWR)

Airline: Lufthansa
Airplanes: Boeing 747-400 and A-380 (New).
Average flight time: 7h 40 min
Prices: £470 – £1000.
Comments: Great staff, modern and comfy planes. Above average for punctuality.

Manchester airport

Manchester Airport to JFK and EWR

Airlines: British Airways, Virgin, American Airlines, Iberia, United, Swiss, Air Canada and PIA.
Average flight time: 7h 10 min
Prices: £425 – £900.
Distance to Manchester Town Hall: 9.1 miles (14.6 km) or about 20 min.
Comments: The second busiest airport in UK with over 30 weekly flights to New York. You can often find excellent deals from Manchester to NYC.
air lingus belfast

Dublin, Ireland

Airlines: Air Lingus
Average flight time: 7h 15 min
Prices: £250 – £900.
Comments: The cheapest prices to NY can be found with Air Lingus from Dublin. They also offer in-direct flights from London or Manchester.

Glasgow International to Newark (EWR)

Airline: United Airlines
Average flight time: 7h 35 min
Prices: £550 – £1150 – OK
Comments: One of the quickest flights from UK to New York. Go from Scotland to central Manhattan in less than 9 hours.

Glasgow to Newark (EWR) or JFK

Airline: Air Canada
Average flight time: 7h 35 min
Prices: £450 – £750.
Comments: Usually cheaper flying to Newark instead of JFK with Air Canada from Glasgow.

In-direct flights from UK to New York

If you are prepared to stop-over in Dublin (around 30 flights to NYC every day) you might be able to save quite some money. Some flights with stop-over can be a reasonable alternative with only a few hours waiting time while those with longer stop-over can be an opportunity to discover another city on your way back from New York. Aer Lingus have great reviews from economy passengers and offer routes from a wide range of destinations, such as:

  • Gatwick (LGA) – Dublin – New York (JFK)
  • Stansted (STN) – Dublin – New York (JFK)
  • Heathrow (LHR) – Dublin – New York (JFK)

    Glasgow – Reykjavik – New York (EWR)

    Airline: Iceland air
    Average flight time: 8h 55 min or 9h 55 min.
    Prices: £447 – £650
    Comments: Fancy a stop-over in Iceland? Fly with Iceland air and select if you prefer a short or long stop-over in the volcanic island with warm springs.

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