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You can find all the top luxury hotels in New York here, handpicked by our team. All 5 star hotels on have a price guarantee so in the unlikely event that you happen to find any cheaper option, the difference will be paid back to you. Luxury hotels in New York are often considerable more expensive in compared to other smaller cites around the world. If you want to get away cheaper, please consider our selection of deluxe hotels in New York also. Below are over 20 handpicked luxury hotels in New York City’s top neighbourhoods.

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New York Shopping


If you have tried all the major designer shops, outlets and department stores we have another recommendation from a young fashion designer. Next time you visit NYC, go to trendy Greenwich Village at 159 Bleecker Street. Here you find one …

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New York Restaurants

fine dining restaurant

Photo credit: Lisa Davis Foddie website The Daily Meal has released their annual list of U.S best rated restaurants. Perhaps to little surprise, NY has more top rated dining options than the 5 second biggest cities in America combined. Are …

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New York Hotels

Triumph hotels logo

Six family owned hotels in New York city have come together to form a new brand, Triumph Hotels. No, the new hotel chain got nothing to do with Donald Trump and as you can see the spelling is quite different. …

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