New York Neighbourhoods

new york boroughs
New York state consist of many diverse neighbourhoods worth visiting for different purposes. Our extensive guide about places to visit in New York’s 5 bouroughts are written by New York expats, now living in UK.


Southern Manhattan are home to the Financial district where you find NASDAQ and Wall Street.


Moving a little north, you find Chinatown with lots of affordable restaurants and shopping.

Little Italy

North of Heaster St. is the home of Little Italy, a NYC neighbourhood with quirky and enchanting Italian atmosphere.


The northern neighbourhood of Little Italy is called NoLita. Well worth a visit if your in this part of Manhattan.
soho building


North west of Nolita is SoHo neighbourhood, one of the most fashionable and popular districts in NYC. Characterised by its nineteenth century cast-iron architecture and quaint, almost European cobblestone streets, SoHo has a look and feel unlike any other neighbourhood in the Big Apple.

Manhattan East Village

East of Soho is East Village, a bohemian and trendy area.

Greenwich village

Greenwich village is one of the most relaxing, trendy and cosy areas in central NY. Highly recommended for a coffee and cake.


Tribeca can be described as a quaint little neighbourhood loaded with world-famous restaurants, cobblestone streets and trendy nightspots. Though the Tribeca is very fashion oriented and a perfect place for the wealthy individuals, you will really admire the fact that people are friendly and well rounded. Make sure to discover some of the bars and nightclubs in this area.

Midtown Manhattan

Midtown Manhattan features some of the major buildings and tourist atrractions, such as Rockafeller center, Empire State Building and Broadway. What do you want to do in Midtown?

Upper East Side

Upper East side is an affluent neighbourhood with beautiful townhouses, especially along Fifth Avenue. Why not go shopping at NY’s and the worlds most expensive shopping street, 5th avenue.

Brooklyn bridge


Enclosed by New York Bay and Jamaica Bay, Brooklyn provides easy access to beach areas, the most notorious of which is Brighton beach.

Staten Island

Take a ferry to Staten Island and get out of busy Manhattan for a while. There are many museums, galleries and well-preserved historic sites.

The Bronx

Bronx is the eastern borough of NY, famous for being the place where hip-hop started.


Parts of Queens neighbourhood are located on Long Island.

New York Shopping


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New York Restaurants

fine dining restaurant

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New York Hotels

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