Hilton Midtown Exchange Room Service for Self-Help Cafeteria

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One of Hilton hotel groups largest and most popular premises, Hilton Midtown, have decided to shut down the room service offering. The surprising decision comes after years of declining interest in room service with nearby restaurants offering 24 hour service. Are we starting to see a range of hotels following this concept without room service in U.S?
According to Hilton Hotels the change come after changing habits among their visitors. “The move reflects the changing ‘needs, wants and lifestyle’ of customers”, says a senior representing Hilton.

How did Hilton decide to exchange room service for a cafeteria?

In the beginning of the 21st century, over 7 % of hotel profits came from room service orders. With improving opening times and delivery options among restaurants, more people found it too expensive with room service. Every order you do from the hotel room gave additional service charge and in-room dining fee on top of the already high meal and drink prices. Travel and hotel analysts suggest that less than 1.2 % of Hilton hotels profits came from room service in 2012. Estimates indicate further decline to 1.1 % before the service will be disrupted later this year. From an financial viewpoint this is probably a very good initiative from Hilton Midtown, but some of their customers might be suffering. Especially older visitors are expecting room service and might choose another hotel following introduction of the self-service cafeteria. Critics also question whether Hilton Midtown’s status will go down. Travel analysts point out that Hilton’s main hotel in New York will not be full service any longer and might risk losing the 4-star rating from independent hotel organisations. Since the major hotel organizations in U.S (example: http://newsroom.aaa.com/, Australia (http://www.aaatourism.com.au) and European Union (www.hotelstars.eu) are different, some might downgrade Hilton Midtown while other will keep it as a 4-star hotel.

What can hungry or thirsty hotel guests at Hilton Midtown do now?

If you’re staying at Hilton Midtown it’s still possible to get something to eat or drink. But instead of paying extra for the comfort of room service guests are now advised to visit the self-help cafeteria. The self-service cafeteria is named Herb n’ Kitchen and serves both warm and cold food along with a wide range of drink options.
Would you like to experience room service at Hilton Midtown for the last time in history? Make sure to visit before the 1st of August 2013 because after that date, you have to serve yourself – believe it or not!

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